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November 14, 2018



Meeting called to order at 10:00 a.m. on the above date.  Supervisor Dan Gonzales, Treasurer Susie Ruppert, Clerk Sharon Hobin and Trustee Mike Mahaffy were present.  Jac Groppuso had an excused absence.  There were (10) citizens who were in attendance.  The following represents a brief summary of all motions, resolutions, ordinances, and actions taken by the board at this meeting; along with other information of general interest to the public.

 ·         Motion by Mahaffy/Ruppert to approve the agenda.  Ayes carried; motion passes

 ·         Chuck Norris, Aflac representative, requested implementing a health benefit program for Butman Township employees.  Ruppert suggested tabling the request until the information can be reviewed that was submitted at the meeting. 

 ·         Bob Neeb, Sugar Springs POA General Manager, requested Butman Township share the cost of chemical treatments to Lake Lancer.  Butman Township is required by law to allow public access to the boat launch, contributing to the infestation of species into Lake Lancer.  Motion by Ruppert/Hobin to approve yearly fee of $6,000.00 for Lake Lancer Treatment.  Ayes carried; motion passes.  He also spoke of other issues concerning the SSPOA and Butman Township.

 ·         Brian Owens, Suez Water Manager, presented October report.  Pumps are still being pulled due to residents putting flushable wipes into the septic system.  They are not flushable and are not biodegradable, no matter how they are marketed.

 ·         Fire Chief Greg Pollock was absent.  No report was submitted.

 ·         Chuck Hinman, County Commissioner, stated that next year’s budget planning is going well and Court Employees Union contracts are still under negotiation.

 ·         Motion by Ruppert/Mahaffy to approve the consent agenda, including unpaid bills for Oct/November for $96,968.51 and Board Minutes as amended from October 2018.   Ayes carried; motion passes

 ·         Motion by Ruppert/Mahaffy to amend Resolution 18-09 to change the date from 2017 to 2018.  Ayes carried; motion passes.  Roll call: Ayes 4, Nays 0, Absent 1.

 ·         Motion by Ruppert/Mahaffy to adopt Resolution 18-12 regarding weight restriction, opposing Senate Bill 396.  Ayes carried; motion passes. Roll call:  Ayes 4, Nays 0, Absent 1.

 ·         Motion by Ruppert/Hobin to deny the request of $6000.00 to participate in the use of the Road Commission Boom Arm.  Ayes carried; motion passes.

 ·         Motion by Ruppert/Hobin to adjourn the meeting at 10:45 a.m.  Ayes carried; motion passes.


Sharon Hobin,Clerk

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