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October 9, 2019
(UN) Approved

Meeting called to order at 10:00 a.m. on the above date.  Supervisor Dan Gonzales, Treasurer Nancy Greene, Clerk Alayna Alexander, Trustee Mike Mahaffy and Trustee Jac Groppuso were present along with seven (7) citizens who were in attendance.   The following represents a brief summary of all motions, resolutions, ordinances, and actions taken by the board at this meeting; along with other information of general interest to the public. 

  • Motion by Mahaffy/Greene to approve the amended agenda.  Ayes carried; motion passes. 
  •  Suez Water reported was read by Clerk, Alayna Alexander, that in September they had no discharge.  A new employee has been hired and will start the middle of October.  Call out to station 14 and sewer backup call out.  Main was good, the block was at the home owners end. Upgraded station 8 & 11 with new grinder pumps and drives. 
  • Chief Greg Pollock presented the BTFD report for September 2019.  They responded to Fire 0, Rescue/Jaw calls 3, Medical 16 and Mutual Aid 4.   
  • County Commissioner Kyle Grove reported that Josh Reid has resigned as Director of Transportation.  
  • Motion by Greene/Mahaffy to approve the consent agenda, including paid bills for the month of  September 2019 and board minutes for September 2019.  Ayes carried; motion passes.  All other reports will be approved after balancing. 
  • Motion by Alexander/Groppuso to approve the replacement of the Butman Township front door for $4200.00 to Bay Glass Company.   Ayes carried; motion passes. 
  • Motion by Greene/Mahaffy, to once again decline reimbursement the $100 to current resident for a plumbing bill incurred after sewer backup. .  Ayes carried; motion passes.  Residents must contact Suez first when there are problems associated with their Sewer.    
  • Discussion regarding the Campers Sewer Permit Fee.  Tabled until more information is compiled. 
  • Motion by Alayna/Mahaffy to increase Deputy Clerk Wages.  Ayes carried; motion passes. 
  • Motion by Alexander/Greene to approve Pollock Plowing for` $7500.00 for the BTFD dry hydrants and $2200.00 for the Butman Township Cemetery, plus $150.00 per grave site for clearing fee.  
  • Boat Dock issue has been tabled until Spring 
  • Motion by Mahaffy/Greene to adjourn at 10:55.   Ayes carried; motion passes 

Sharon Hobin

Deputy Clerk

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